What is a Select Group?

Select Groups are what we call businesses and associations who partner with Credit Human to provide financial services and financial health workshops as an employee or association membership benefit.

We collaborate not only with businesses but also with a variety of organizations big and small like churches, schools, PTAs, universities and more. Because when we can partner with more organizations like these, we can help more people reduce their financial stress. This ultimately benefits families and communities. Because when people are financially healthy, they’re able to have a more positive impact on everyone around them.

When you partner with us, you get a partner that works in the interest of your organization at no cost to you. By offering access to our tools and guidance, you send your employees or members the same message—that you’re looking out for them.

What are the benefits?

Membership Eligibility

As our partner, your employees or association members and their families are eligible to become Credit Human members. By joining Credit Human, they will gain the tools they need to plan, save, spend and borrow responsibly.

Financial Health Centers

We offer personalized financial tools, services and guidance at our Financial Health Centers. It’s where our team is able to spend more time with members learning about their financial realities and discussing new ways to keep them on a sound financial footing. You can even book an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you. Learn more

Financial Health Events

We provide onsite financial health seminars and interactive workshops for your organization’s employees or association members at no cost. Better yet, we do all the planning and organizing of these events. We’ll even provide a dedicated account manager who will work directly with you to determine how to best meet the financial needs of your organization’s employees or members.

Why is financial health important?

Financial stress affects virtually everyone in your organization at some point in their lives. Your employees’ financial health has a direct impact on their wellness and productivity. When they improve their financial health, they improve their happiness and their work output—boosting employee morale, retention and your bottom line.

Financial issues cause employees to be distracted and less productive
  • Employees tending to their personal finances on the job could cost employers $7,000 per employee every year
  • 50% say they spend three or more work hours each week thinking about or dealing with personal finance issues
Financial problems cause employees to be stressed, putting their health at risk
  • 85% of Americans feel financial anxiety. Of those, 67% say it is negatively impacting their health
Financial instability increases employee absenteeism
  • Roughly 20% of employees admitted they had skipped work in the past year to deal with a financial problem, yet only 50% of employers offer financial education or resources
We believe that increasing financial slack will relieve financial stress and improve overall financial health. Financial slack is the money a person has left over after their expenses. We give your employees the tools, guidance and resources to increase their financial slack. Learn more

How do I get started?

Together, we can improve the financial health of your employees or association members and in turn, improve the well-being of your organization as a whole. Get in touch with us by providing the information below. 

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